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    【 仕様 】

    サイズ:20玉(鹿角)/4玉(本水晶) すべて8mm玉




    Divine deer’s bracelet

    ¥52,800 (including tax)

    The antlers of deer in Kasuga, Nara, a national protected species, are carefully carved piece by piece into a spherical shape by skilled artisans, and painstakingly polished to make this masterpiece. Grace and dignity are felt from the rare antlers of Nara, and the beauty of the delicate white color transfers the gentleness and warmth that exist in all nature. The longer you wear it, the more you will love the soft luster and texture of the antler beads. This popular bracelet can be worn casually or as an accent on special occasions. This item uses 20 antler beads and 4 beads of quartz crystal, which is said to be an all-purpose healing stone. Suitable as a gift to a person to show your gratitude, as a gift to your family, or as your favorite item.


    *Tax included.


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